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The Basics...

Want to sell tickets with

With Dry Tickets you will get massive marketing resources and cutting edge Cloud technology. Dry Ticket is the ticketing partner you want for your next Event! Selling via Dry Tickets is simple, hassle free and helps get your event noticed by thousands of potential customers.

Want to cut out administration, call handling and have more free time to concentrate on building the perfect event? Our professional team can give to expert advice and insights to help make your event a success.

Dry Tickets has an expansive reach within the Asian community. The total number of user views to our network of websites is over 10,000+ so you are guaranteed to have your event viewed by plenty of people. We also send a weekly Dry Tickets e-newsletter to approximately 160,000+ newsletter subscribers. Extra marketing and exposure through Dry Tickets can include banner placement, individual event newsletters and flyer artwork by our expert team of designers and more…

For further information on any of the above please contact our team.

Target Audience...

Dry Tickets can attract the right audience for you. Our core target audience is the 20-55 year old professional Asian. However, we have attracted people from all backgrounds due to the range of events we have on the site, from Nightlife to Theatre, Comedy to Exhibitions and Dating/Social Events.

Event Organisers...

We are ticketing partners to a number of skilled event organisers and have gained exclusive and/or official e-ticket agent status for the clients:

If you an interested in discuss how Dry Tickets can help your event you can contact

Talk to the experts: Raj 0430 219 387 or Amit 0433 211 986 or email us at

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