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DJ Everest
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Prateek Kuhad - The Way That Lovers Do Tour - Live In Melbourne
Prateek Kuhad - The Way That Lovers Do Tour - Live In Melbourne

SAT 14TH OCT @ 5:00 PM VIC

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[🎧] What’s up insta- fam!
I'm thrilled to finally hit the decks on Instagram and share my passion for music with all of you!
[🎶] Let me give you a little sneak peek into my DJ journey as Dj Everest:
[🔊] Over 4.5 Years of Experience: I've been on this incredible musical journey for over 4.5 years, learning the ropes and honing my craft. It's been a wild ride filled with amazing memories and unforgettable beats!
[🎵] Music/Instrument Background from High School: My love for music started way back in high school when I began to learn music. Those early days brought me my passion for creating and mixing tunes that I carry with me to this day.
[🙌] Catering to Clients' Needs: Your satisfaction is my top priority. I thrive on making your musical dreams come true. From weddings to parties and everything in between, I'm here to make sure the music perfectly complements your event. I tailor every night to YOUR needs - after all I’m here to make your night into a blast
[🎉] All About Vibes: It's all about the vibes, right? Music has the ability to connect people, set the mood, and create unforgettable moments. I aim to do just that for each and every one of my events!
[💃] Genuine Happiness from Making People Dance: One of the most rewarding feelings to me is seeing people hit the dance floor with smiles on their faces. Knowing this, I just love seeing the feeling my music gives to my audience - one that brings them happiness and let’s them let loose and enjoy life
So, if you're ready to groove, connect, and embark on a musical journey with me, hit that follow button, and let's make some memories together! DJ Everest
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Gentle Gurkhas Events

Gentle Gurkhas Events

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PICA (Port Melbourne Industrial Centre for the Arts) in Port Melbourne

PICA (Port Melbourne Industrial Centre for the Arts), Port Melbourne

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