Repatriation Flights to India

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As you are aware that due to global pandemic it is difficult to travel overseas. We are sending you this email to ascertain whether you, a family member or friend needs to return to India who are stuck here in Australia. This is a great opportunity for those stuck here to return to India via charter flights. You just need to follow 5 simple steps to confirm your ticket to India. We are marketing partner with Fortune World Tour - Australia's leading travel company for special flights to India via Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane. Please feel free to make an initial deposit and start your journey.

Repatriation Flights to India

Repatriation Flights to India


President of Desi Hip Hop, Rapper

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Celebrity Information

J.Hind can only be described as the ultimate "Hood" to "Bollywood" story. Born and raised to Indian immigrant parents in Los Angeles, J.Hind (born as Dinesh Sharma)was introduced to the American streets at a young age while his parents were busy working multiple jobs. Strongly influenced by his own Indian roots he always viewed his surroundings from two perspectives; his east Indian influences and the lifestyle he immersed himself in America daily. These two cultural influences mixed with J's early love of poetry and hip hop eventually combined and found they're way into our ears through J.Hind's storytelling music.

From an early age J.Hind was destined for a life of music. He toured the world internationally from the age of 5 performing Qawali shows with his grandfather's group. By his early teens J's love for hip hop eventually overpowered all. He began entering freestyle battle competitions and to everyones surprise he dominated! These battles definitely put him on the local map and so began J.Hind's proffessional hip hop career.

To date J.Hind has had the opportunity to work with some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry such as Akshay Kumar, John Travolta, RDB, Bohemia "Punjabi Rap Star", Colby O' Donis (Konvict Music), Snoop Dogg, The GAME, BaddAzz, Lil Zane, The Stomper, Capone-E, and many others. 

J.Hind most recently achieved major Bollywood breakthrough success through his debut Bollywood title track "Who got the Picture" from Percept picture's " 8 X 10 Tasveer" starring Akshay Kumar. J.Hind was also recently featured on B4U TV, Music India TV, MTV India, Channel V, and many other top TV and radio stations of India while working with Bohemia for the launch of Universal Music Group's latest release "Da Rap Star" which debuted at No.2 and worked it's way up to No.1 by it's second week.

Currently J.Hind is working on his upcoming Des Hip Hop solo debut titled "Desi Dreams" to be released late summer 2009. Also be on the lookout for him on RDB's upcoming album "Collaberations" and Bohemia's upcoming "American Desi". His intense work ethic proves not only is he one of the original pioneers of his genre... J.Hind is undoubtedly "The President of Desi Hip Hop"

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