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Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc
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Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc. [INDAUS] is an organisation, which has been formed recently, comprising of people who fulfil the essential requirements of a great association. Its core committee is dominated by younger people [<40 yrs] and its members have a collective record of community service which is unmatched. They have worked for Indian students’ issues selflessly, helped students get refund of > AUD 300,000 from a Flying school, lobbied for Australian Uranium sale to India, raised voice against attacks on Sri Mandir in Auburn, raised effective objections against incorrect map of India in DIAC website and forced 2DayFM and Kyle Sandilands to apologise for insulting commentary against India and River Ganges, in addition to other many activities. IndAus Inc members & leaders have high credibility, capacity and high media profile, appearing regularly in all sorts of media outlets. Reflecting their age bracket, they are very good in networking, including using social media. They are indeed the people of “current” era!

Apart from this, INDAUS leaders have very high integrity and a sense of “Right & Wrong”.They have had an excellent start so far and they intend to keep growing, enlisting a large number of people as life members.

INDAUS has a very ambitious agenda, which it wants to work on, without any delay. INDAUS Inc. will work with all genuine community organisations and leaders.INDAUS will be an Organisation with difference and will prove it with its work output! 

To prove their claim to be an “Association with a difference”, they will remain transparent on all matters, and will welcome genuine queries from any member of the community or media. They will work in a decent manner, following their motto “Service with Integrity”!

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Fund Raising For Uttarakhand Flood Victims
Fund Raising For Uttarakhand Flood Victims


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Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre in Cherrybrook

Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre, Cherrybrook

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