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Tamil Arts and Culture Association Inc (TACA, Sydney)
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Tamil Community has been experiencing an exponential growth in Sydney and in Australia in recent years. Comes with this growth is the steadily raising community aspirations and needs to have an active and vibrant social life that goes beyond occasional cultural gatherings. This was the main finding of our community survey.

To cater for and nurture this growing aspirations and needs, Tamil Arts and Culture Association Inc. (TACA) has been founded on 24th October 2011 by a group of self-motivated Tamil volunteers with a VISION to make

"Tamil Arts and Culture as a mainstream culture in a multi-cultural Australia"

Our MISSION is to...

"Build a STRONG and COHESIVE Tamil Diaspora that contributes and strengthens multi-cultural Australia through Tamil Arts and Culture"

TACA is a secular, apolitical and transparent organisation with its volunteer members strongly believing in a cohesive 'outcome focussed' approach in order to achieve outstanding results for the benefit of the Tamil Community.

TACA’s express objective is to carry out community support activities in all spheres of life with effective leadership. This includes (but not limited to):

  • Building a strong diaspora for Tamils in Australia by bringing together and working with all like minded Tamil associations
  • Establishing a Centre of Excellence for learning and promoting all forms of Tamil Arts including dance, music, literature, drama and sports
  • Undertaking community welfare work through cultural, social, educational and charitable activities
  • Providing volunteer based educational, medical, legal and other support to the community through regular public-forums
  • Encouraging and facilitating Tamil learning by young and mature adults through Tamil courses
  • Honouring and felicitating outstanding talents and achievements contributing to the welfare of community
  • Supporting community members in distress through raising a Benevolent Fund

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Sydney Chithirai Festival 2018
Sydney Chithirai Festival 2018

SUN 6TH MAY @ 10:00 AM In NSW



Magizhini Manimaaran

Magizhini Manimaaran

Venue Ticketed by Dry Tickets
Blacktown Leisure Centre in Stanhope Gardens

Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope Gardens

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