Turbans 4 Australia

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Turbans 4 Australia
Organiser Information
Turbans 4 Australia
To encourage and involve Sikh Community of Australia to help anyone in need in Australia regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.
  • Identify requirements, challenges and difficulties of any natural disaster victims or less privileged individual or group of people e.g. Farmers, children, elderly citizens etc.
  • Raise awareness in community regarding challenges and difficulties faced by individuals or group of people in desperate need of help.
  • Organize funds to help people in need by approaching individuals, businesses or other organizations willing to help.
  • The required help directly or via collaboration with other charitable organizations.

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Fundraising Dinner Event by Turbans 4 Australia
Fundraising Dinner Event by Turbans 4 Australia

SAT 28TH MAY @ 6:30 PM NSW

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Parra Villa Function Lounge in Paramatta

Parra Villa Function Lounge, Paramatta

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