Repatriation Flights to India

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. What strange times we are all living through, hopefully better times comes very soon!

As you are aware that due to global pandemic it is difficult to travel overseas. We are sending you this email to ascertain whether you, a family member or friend needs to return to India who are stuck here in Australia. This is a great opportunity for those stuck here to return to India via charter flights. You just need to follow 5 simple steps to confirm your ticket to India. We are marketing partner with Fortune World Tour - Australia's leading travel company for special flights to India via Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane. Please feel free to make an initial deposit and start your journey.

Repatriation Flights to India

Repatriation Flights to India

Jassi Sidhu - Oh Jatta - Singing Between The Lines


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Events Ticketed by Dry Tickets
Jassi Sidhu Live in Sydney
Jassi Sidhu Live in Sydney
Video Details
Artist: Jassi Sidhu
Track: Oh Jatta
Album: Singing Between The Lines
Label: Moviebox
Jassi, Sidhu, Oh, Jatta, Singing, Between, The, Lines, Jazzy, Aman, Hayer, Sukshinder, Shinda, Dj, Vix, Dhami, Gv, Gurdas, Mann, Rishi, Rich, Pbn, Honey, Singh, Bups, Saggu, Miss, Pooja, Sanj, Punjabi, Bhangra, Desi, Hindi, Song, Punjabi Music
Jassi Sidhu

Jassi Sidhu

Venue Ticketed by Dry Tickets
Parramatta RSL Club in Parramatta

Parramatta RSL Club, Parramatta

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