The Rajasthani Kutumb of Victoria

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The Rajasthani Kutumb of Victoria
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The Rajasthani Kutumb of Victoria (RAJKOV)  (ABN: 91 393 557 191 | Registration No: A 0044973G) is a vibrant community organization that celebrates and promotes the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, India, in Victoria, Australia. Founded with the mission to foster a sense of unity and cultural exchange among the diverse populations of Victoria, RAJKOV serves as a bridge connecting the traditions of Rajasthan with the global diaspora. Through organizing events such as Gangaur 2024, RAJKOV aims to provide an immersive cultural experience, showcasing traditional Rajasthani music, dance, cuisine, and crafts. As advocates for cultural preservation and environmental sustainability, RAJKOV is committed to creating events that are not only celebratory but also conscious of the ecological footprint, reflecting our dedication to a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Rajasthan, where every event is a testament to our rich traditions, communal harmony, and the joy of shared cultural experiences.

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Gangaur Festival & Fair 2024 - Rajasthani (Indian) Folk Event In Melbourne
Gangaur Festival & Fair 2024 - Rajasthani (Indian) Folk Event In Melbourne

SAT 20TH APR @ 11:00 AM VIC

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Caulfield Racecourse in Caulfield East

Caulfield Racecourse, Caulfield East

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